Responding to Workplace Violence

Is your company prepared for a situation where a disgruntled employee comes to work with a weapon or bad intentions? 

Our class covers:

Understanding the history of workplace violence.

Training your mental mindset for a critical incident

Run or Shield in place

Fight or Flight

Training based on feedback

Tactical Rifle Class - Florida Based (3 days)

Certification required in order for Law Enforcement to carry and use a tactical rifle while on patrol.  This class will meet all state requirements to certify officer for use of Tactical rifle.  In addition to the rifle portion of the class we incorporate a tactical shotgun shooting class to improve your shotgun skill set. 

This class taught by active and former Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  Minimum class size required and multi-agency participation encouraged.  Discounts provided for agencies sending additional participants.

Defending your home (2-4 Hours)

You shoot every week.  You've taken an NRA safety course.  You have your concealed weapons permit, but do you know how to defend YOUR home?

Our trainers will provide onsite evaluation of your home and how to defend it.  It is not enough to know how to shoot.  What ammunition and gun is best suited for you and your home.  How to make your home a less desirable target.  Training YOUR family how to respond to an intruder.

Classes are 2-4 hours long, developed exclusively for you & your family, in YOUR home.  The shooting range is an invaluable tool, however, you must train in your home in order to defend your home.  We will teach you the best and safest ways to protect YOUR home and family.